Installation view of Mauro Ventura
LA LA LAND, 2023
779 (d) x 206 cm (h)
Exhibition view of Very Friendly with Davide Allieri, Adam Gordon, Rosemarie Trockel and Adam Alessi
Exhibition view of Very Friendly with Maggie Dunlap and Minh Lan Tran
Installation view of Romeo Castellucci 
B. #03 Berlin – III Episodio della Tragedia Endogonidia, 2003
Video memory by Cristiano Carloni and Stefano Franceschetti
Original Music by Scott Gibbons
42:35 minutes
Angélique Aubrit and Ludovic Beillard
Avec inquiétude mais aussi avec espoir, 2021
Velvet, cotton, wadding, head, oak
1)Emy: 190 x 90 x 60 cm
2)Fred: 220 x 85 x 50 cm
3)Davide: 200 x 60 x 40 cm
4)Assia: 210 x 100 x 50 cm
Courtesy of the artists and Galerie Valeria Cetraro, Paris
Installation view of Darja Bajagic
(L) I Know It’s Sick But It’s So Much Fun, 2016
Acrylic paint, canvas, UV printed canvas
181 × 215 cm
Courtesy the artist; Carlos/Ishikawa, London and New Galerie, Paris
(R) Ex Axes, 2023
Direct-to-substrate print on steel axe
Each: 33 x 12,7 x 2,5 cm
1)Headless Body in Topless Bar
2)No Entry No Exit
3)One More Reason
Courtesy of the artist and Tara Downs, New York
Concept – Richie Culver
Writer & Producer – Blackhaine, Micheal-Jon Mizra
Film – Blackhaine, William Markarian-Martin
Camera – Patric Kuo, Joseph Reay-Reid (Bruxism) and Louis Ellis
Design – Chris Curran Participant is a record label and creative studio run by William Markarian- Martin and Richie Culver
4:00 min
Allen-Golder Carpenter
Stone Soldier 1, 2021
Cement, dress shirt, aerosol paint, plastic, steel
69 x 76 x 53 cm approx.
Courtesy of the artist and No Gallery, New York
Jack Kennedy
A History of Arson, 2023
Inkjet prints, gloss varnish, acrylic paint, t-shirt, wood, keyring, satin prints
Dimensions variable

Photography: NOSHE