HOUSE hosts international artistic productions, exhibitions, musical performances, readings, and conversations on literature and critical theory to stimulate reflection on our present. 

Located in the heart of Berlin, HOUSE is an unrenovated Wilhelmine building complex with a former shooting range from the 1930s which serves as the main exhibition space. The premises also includes the former King Size Bar, an abandoned courtyard, and a reception hall. 

HOUSE is a transcendent place—it is embedded in the past while facing a new future. It embraces the romance of decay and examines tumultuous histories. HOUSE celebrates Berlin as a place of escapist fantasies oscillating between absurdity, freedom, dismay, and desire. It remixes something simultaneously historical and contemporary, exploring the tumbling feeling of being caught between disaster and hope of the now.

Photo: Glave
Shooting range


The SHOOTING RANGE serves as the main exhibition space. In the 1930s, the format of the room was adapted to its function as an entertainment venue promoted under the motto “Berlin schießt!” (Berlin shoots). The room is 39 meters long, 4.8 meters wide and 4 meters high.

Photo: Noshe
Photo: Noshe
King size


The KING SIZE BAR is integrated into the exhibition concepts. It also serves as a space for the critical exploration of the relationships between utopia and escapism, as divergent concepts that both stem from a desire for transformation.

Photo: Noshe
Photo: Noshe
Court yard


The inner COURTYARD is surrounded by the abandoned building ensemble of Friedrichstraße 112 a and b, and will be used as an outdoor venue for happenings and exhibition interventions.

Photo: Noshe


The reception HALL is a large square room of 140 m² hosting the program of HOUSE.

Photo: Noshe